Ministry Listing and Description | Mount Olive Baptist Church -DC

Ministry Listing and Description

Mission Statement:

To provide a place to worship God and to learn about His Word. To train our congregation to respond to the hurts and needs of the community so that they can grow and reach their full potential in Christ.


Church Mission:

Go ye therefore and teach all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit." (Matthew 28:19)


Church Vision:

Christ's Last Command, Our First Concern


General Church Ministries


Ministry Team:         Deacon Ministry

Primary Vision Focus: Assist the pastor in caring for the spiritual needs of the congregation

Chairperson:               Deacon James McCray

Meetings:                    Monthly, 4th Monday 7:30 pm


Ministry Team:           Deaconess Ministry

Primary Vision Focus: Develop the spiritual life of the women and young ladies in the church for the best

possible Christian service.

Chairperson:               Deaconess Margaret Jackson

Meetings:                     Monthly, Saturday before the first Sunday, 9:00 am


Ministry Team:           Sunday School

Primary Vision Focus:  To teach youth/young adults as well some adults about Christianity

Superintendent:           Trustee Van Samuel


Ministry Team:           Budget Ministry

Primary Vision Focus: Develop and track annual church budget

Chairperson:               Deacon Alesandres L. Perkins/Sis. Octavia Petty

Meetings:                    As called.


Ministry Team:          Christian Education Ministry

Primary' Vision Focus: Provide opportunities for the congregation to learn about God and His Word and to apply what they have learned in their lives

Chairperson:               Deacon Alesandres L. Perkins

Ministry Team:         Condolence Ministry

Primary Vision Focus: Provide repast for bereaved families of the congregation

Chairperson:               Sis. Octavia Petty


Ministry Team:           Finance Ministry

Primary Vision Focus:  Administer the financial records of the church

Note: Includes Church Treasurer

Chairperson:                Trustee Joseph McNeil, Sr.


Ministry Team:           Historical Ministry

Primary Vision Focus: Locate, investigate the validity of, and set in chronological order the written history of our church

Chairperson:               Trustee Catherine Mills

Meetings:                     Tuesdays. 10 am - 12 pm (as needed)


Ministry Team:           Culinary Ministry

Primary Vision Focus: Oversight of all activities involving food preparation at the church including; the

Breakfast Ministry prepares breakfast for members attending Sunday School each Sunday.


Chairperson:               Trustee Van Samuel

Meetings:                    As called


Ministry Team:          Women's Fellowship Ministry

Primary Vision Focus: Develop and execute activities for spiritual development and fellowship of female members of the congregation.

Chairperson:              Deaconess Margaret Jackson

Meetings:                    Bi-Monthly, on the first Saturday


Ministry Team:          Trustee Ministry

Chairperson:                Trustee Catherine Mills


Ministry Team:           Church Treasurer

Chairperson:                Trustee Van Samuel


Ministry Team:          Men’s Fellowship Ministry

Chairperson: Ron Stanley, Jr.


Ministry Team:          Sanctuary Choir

Chairperson:                Sis Denise Graham


Ministry Team:          Golden Circle Singers

Chairperson:                Deacon James Deming


Ministry Team:           Music Ministry

Chairperson:                Deacon Lionel Petty


Ministry Team: Media Ministry

Mission Statement: The Mount Olive Media Ministry exists to present a clear and practical application of the Word of God, to edify the Church, encourage the Saints, evangelize the world, and expand the Kingdom of God, one conversion at a time." 

Chairperson. Deacon Paul L. Petty

Stephan Hall

Trustee Joseph McNeil

Sandra Samuel

Ministry Team:           Flower/Helping Hand Ministry

Chairperson:                Sis Deborah Brisbon


Ministry Team:           Scholarship Ministry

Chairperson:                Trustee Catherine Mills


Ministry Team:           Unified Ushers Ministry

Chairperson:                Sis. Annetta Austin


Ministry Team:           Senior Ministry

Chairperson:                Deaconess Katherine McCray


Ministry Team:           Building Fund Ministry

Chairperson:                Deacon James McCray Sr


Ministry Team:          Church Clerks

                                   Sis Deborah Brisbon, Clerk

                                   Deaconess Dorothy Humes, Asst Church Clerk

                                   Sis Donna Valentine, Calendar Clerk


Ministry Team:           Women’s Day

Chairperson:                Sis. Annetta Austin


Ministry Team:          Junior Usher Ministry(currently inactive)



Ministry Team:           Men’s Day

Chairperson:                Trustee Van Samuel

Ministry Team:           Audio/Visual/Tape Ministry

Chairperson:                Deacon Lionel Petty


Ministry Team:          Pastor Aid Ministry

Chairperson:                Sis Deborah Brisbon


Ministry Team:           Missionary Ministry(currently inactive)



Youth and Young Adults Ministries


Ministry Team:           Youth Ministry

Primary Vision Focus:  Lead children to develop a personal relationship with God and share it with others.

Notes: - The youth lead the 10:45 praise & worship and 11 am. worship services on the third Sunday of each month. Meetings are held on the second & third Saturdays at 11 am.

Chairperson:              Mr. Christopher Richardson


Ministry Team:          Young Adult Ministry

Primary Vision Focus: Provide development, fellowship, and service opportunities for young adults


Ministry Team:           Youth Choir

Director:                      Sis. Dorthea Samuel


Special Activities Ministries


Ministry Team:         Church Anniversary Committee

Primary Vision Focus: Plan and execute church anniversary activities

Chairperson:                Trustee John Willis


Ministry Team:           Fall Festival

Primary Vision Focus:  Alternative to going trick or treating. Food, games, and candy bags are provided for the youth.

Chairperson:                Trustee John Willis


Ministry Team:           Church Picnic

Primary Vision Focus:  (Every September). To come together for food, games, fellowship, and fun.

Chairperson:                Trustee John Willis


Ministry Team:           Senior Citizen Day Ministry

Chairperson:                Deaconess Katherine McCray


Ministry Team:           Revival Ministry

Chairperson:                Sis Dorthea Samuel


Ministry Team:           Officer’s Day

Chairperson:                Deacon Charles Samuel